By: Sarah K. 

People can be freaky. You don't know what they're thinking, and sometimes, you feel like one thing you say or do can make them angry at you. Some people just get anxious at the thought of interacting with other people. I call that people anxiety.
            I can relate, but I'll avoid saying "I know exactly how you feel." Anxiety comes in many different shapes, sizes, and forms, so I don't truly know how you feel, but know something similar.
            One of the ways I deal with my anxiety is ask myself "Why am I worrying about this? Is it something to actually worry about?" Half the time, my answer is "No. It's not something to worry about."
            When the answer is yes, I often need to figure out why I should be worrying. "Is this person doing something to another person that is freaking me out?"
            Another thing is to try to imagine how the other person feels. Could they be calm on the outside, but panicking like you are?
            Also, sometimes talking to friend or family member, maybe a pet, even a plant (they are great listeners!), just someone who will listen. Sometimes, hearing the words in your head out loud can help you think clearly.
            If all else fails, try going into a place that makes you feel safe. Stay there for a little while, calm yourself down (take deep breaths, try counting to ten), and then go out again.
            Last thing, hiding from your anxieties will not fix them.

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