By: Lime Green Giraffe Webmaster, Zora F. & Grace J.

Hi my name is Zora Felix. I am the Webmaster for the Lime Green Giraffe.
The Girl Scout National Convention in Columbus, Ohio was my first Girl Scout convention. The weekend fun was called G.I.R.L. 2017. My favorite part \was the Hall of Experiences. Just like the name I had a great time and got to experience lots of really fun and amazing things.  My number one favorite thing about the Hall of Experience were the two Girl Scout Cookie booths.
There was one big thing that I remember about the cookie booths. That was the differences in the cookies! Some of the cookies were the same flavors but they had different names. And then same cookies were the same as we sell here in Georgia. (It turns out the there are two Girl Scout Cookie bakers that supply cookies to different parts of the country. We get our cookies from Little Brownie Baker. The other cookies come from ABC Baker.)

 I also liked that some of the learning sessions were held in the Hall of Experiences. The Hall had some great booths. There were booths where you could buy things or enter raffles. There were also booths with awesome information about Girl Scout things and ones that featured business.
My favorite booth of course was the pop-up Macy booth because we could buy all kinds of makeup products plus we got our eyebrows done for free.
My favorite informational booth was about the Cayman Islands.
One of the booths that really attracted moms and troop leaders was one that had all types of vintage patches and pins. The vintage table was really cool because people saved up patches and pins that aren't even sold or created anymore.
There was so many people in the Hall of Experiences, which was cool too. And if people needed to charge their phones, there were charging stations with eight slots. There were Samsung and iPhone chargers-- how convenient!?
In the Hall we did a lot of walking plus we were carrying bags so there were little benches where we could sit and take a breaks if needed. I mostly spent my time with my buddy in the Hall of Experiences because there were so many fun things to do and most of the sessions that interested me were there.
There were so many awesome things to see and do in the Hall of Experiences but I couldn’t everything so I summed up here what was cool and the things I did at the Girl Scout National Convention in Columbus, Ohio.


  Hi, I am Grace. I am a member of the Lime Green Giraffe staff.

G.I.R.L. 2017 was truly fascinating. I was of course so happy when my mom told me I had the opportunity to go. Our bus ride from Atlanta was a little bumpy but it was worth it.
The first day I was at the event they had a big gathering in one of the halls. It was wonderful with all the motivational speakers and getting to hear about what would go down in these few days, and how it would change my life for the better.
I took a lot of things away from this trip, especially from the speakers who motivated us. I enjoyed the presentation that Gabby Douglas gave even though I thought she could have said a little bit more. I enjoyed the other speakers as well.
My favorite part of this whole entire trip was when Angelica Hale sang on the last day there. Her performance was phenomenal and at the end the stage was covered in confetti and there were fireworks. It was fun and it did scare me a little bit but this was a great experience and I cannot wait for the next G.I.R.L. in Orlando, Florida three years from now.

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