By: Grace J. 

Valentine's Day, a day to remember and celebrate your loved ones. The celebration brings families and friends and couples together on this wonderful day. How are you going to tell this significant other your feelings or how much you care about them? Well here's my Valentine's Day guide. To make this person feel special make them a card and not just any card. When I make cards I like to use watercolor pens and I like to make it colorful because colors have different meanings. Also, when you're writing inside the card, don't just sign your name write a poem or find a scripture that describes the meaning of love for that person. Cards might disintegrate but the writing on a card last forever. So here are three examples of wonderful Valentine’s Day cards you can make in your home. 

The Wonderful Watercolor  
For this card you will need for this card you will need: 

  1. Scissors 
  1. Watercolor paints  
  1. Paint brushes 
  1. Water  
  1. Cardstock, or any kind of thick paper 

Begin by taking your scissors and cutting down the cardstock or paper to the necessary size. Fold the piece of paper in half. Prepare your paints by laying them out and getting water in a small dish. Get scrap pieces of paper to test your paints. Using one of the paint brushes mix some of the water in with the paint. Gently wipe the brush on both sides using the scrap paper and then paint your design. Wiping your brush will make sure that the color is lighter or darker. If you want your color lighter mix a lot of water in with your paint, if you want your color darker use more paint than water. When I make a watercolor card I usually paint flowers because it looks more realistic with watercolor paints. 

Colorful Cut-Out Design 
To complete this card you will need: 

  1. Scissors 
  1. Paper  
  1. Crayons 
  1. A candle or hair dryer 

This card is kind of tricky. First you want to grab your piece of paper and fold it in half. Grab your crayons and sort them into the colors you want. For Valentine's Day maybe you'd want the colors red, pink, and white. If you want writing on your card use a piece of tape and put it on the card but fold a little bit of the tape to have a tab so you can take it off at the end. Then, using a candle or hair dryer take the crayons hold them on the top of your card and heat them so they drip down the page. Isn't it beautiful it looks like colorful rain. This card is sure to bring happiness during Valentine's Day. 

Last but not least, you can make a fun meme card. Memes consist of jokes or even inside jokes. My favorite memes are the ones that are relatable. So to create this funny card you will need: 

  1. Cardstock 
  1. Printer 
  1. Scissors 
  1. Glue 

First, go online and find a meme. Maybe if you know what this person likes, you can find a meme that is relatable to them or uses the characters from their favorite show. Then, print off your meme and cut it out. Using your wonderful cutting skills cut a square out of the middle of your card. Insert the meme from the inside of the card so you can see the meme from the outside hole where the square was in the middle of the card. Inside the card write your own funny saying and wish that person a Happy Valentine's Day. 

Hopefully you created a wonderful card for this person for Valentine's Day. This day is not about cheesy quotes and couples, it’s about sharing your friendship and love for people all around your life. 

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