There is something about August that makes it feel like another January (just with a lot more sunshine and heat waves). Maybe it's all the back to school events, school clothes shopping, and stocking up on school supplies that makes the month seem like a repeat new year. 

While our issue is not centered around a main theme, you could consider our fall 2018 articles to be your guide to the new school year, to your new start, whether it is simply another grade or a whole new school altogether. We have articles on fashion, on the public school system, on college decisions, even personality quizzes to help you figure out which popsocket you are in our season of new beginnings (very important information, I assure you).

So join us as we embark on our summertime new year, and head into fall armed with advice and inspiration from the staff here at the Lime Green Giraffe! Enjoy!

(You can check out this issue's full selection of articles here!)

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