By: Evelyn H.

     New school year, new friends, new teachers… The same routine you’ve done since kindergarten. But switching from a private school to a public school can be even more stressful because its form and style is completely different than that of a private school. While private schools may not necessarily be more filtered and strict, going from private to public can still be a big change.
     Parents look toward public schools because they don’t have to pay for their children to attend; public schools are funded by the government. Students often look forward to attending public schools because many public schools have more variety in extracurricular activities. Clubs provided by teachers with extra time add a little sparkle to a school day! Public schools also offer many competitive sports teams, such as soccer, and fine arts programs, like drama.
     One of my favorite benefits of public school is that the social circle is much wider. Kids of all different backgrounds, races, and genders go to public schools, which means that kids can learn great social skills by interacting with such a variety of peers each day. Also, many public schools have large student populations and, as a result, must follow regimented schedules, but that doesn’t usually take anything away from the experience. Kids also get a choice in clothes because the majority of public schools don’t require uniforms, which means that students get to express themselves through their own style. Some private schools have student populations with limited ethnic and cultural diversity, which can lead to a smaller social circle. Uniforms are usually part of a normal private school day as well, so kids don’t get as much freedom or choice in clothes.
     As you can see, public schools differ from private schools in many ways.  Public schools might seem big and loud and scary at first, but many kids who make the switch from private school to public school end up embracing the differences. Have a great back-to-school experience, and make lots of new friends, wherever you might go to school!

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