By: Lime Green Giraffe Networking Manager Emily B.

Find out which season represents your personality! Make sure you count how many times you choose each letter.

  1. What subject are you the best at in school
    A.   Literature
    B.   Fine Arts
    C.   Math
    D.   Social Studies

  2. Your friends would describe you as
    A.   Chill
    B.   Optimistic
    C.   Practical
    D.   Motivated

  3. When you go to Starbucks you order the
A.    Iced Coffee
B.    Acai Refresher
C.    Hot Chocolate
D.    Caramel Macchiato

4.     If you could turn into an animal you would want to be a...
A.   Sloth
B.   Dolphin
C.   Owl
D.   Fox

  1. What is your superpower of choice?
    A.   Telekinesis
    B.   Flying
    C.   Mind reading
    D.   Teleportation

  1. When you grow up what job do you want?
    A.   Interior Design
    B.   Celebrity
    C.   Doctor
    D.   Law Enforcement

  2. What perfume scent do you gravitate towards?
    A.   Island Breeze
    B.   Sweet Pea
    C.   Toasty Vanilla
    D.   Honeysuckle

  1. Your favorite color is...
    A. Blue
    B. Yellow
    C. White
    D. Red

  1. You often find yourself reading this genre of book more than others
    A. Fantasy
    B. Romance
    C. Teen Dystopian
    D. Historical Fiction

  1. This quality of yours helps you in school
    A.   Steady Mindset
    B.   Social skills
    C.   Organization
    D.   Innovative Thinking

  1. You find out that you have an evil twin! What do you do?
A.    Take a deep breath, and ignore the situation
B.    Meet the twin and try to convert them to a kinder lifestyle
C.    Make a pros/cons list and then decide what to do
D.    Create an elaborate plan to take down the evil twin. There can only be one…

12.  What would you do if you were full of energy?
A.    Take a hike, get a tan, just take a break
B.    Plan an outing with friends
C.    Organize your closet and room
D.    Learn something new and interesting

13.  What temperatures do you enjoy?
A.    Hot
B.    Warm
C.    Cold
D.    Cool

14.  You often find yourself…
A.    Zoning out
B.    Smiling
C.    Critiquing other people
D.    Making plans for future circumstances

15.  Your parents like to tell their friends that you are…
A.    Clear-minded
B.    Outgoing
C.    Mature for your age
D.    Results-oriented


Mostly A’s: You are Summer
You really know how to relax and take a break. You love to vacation and are willing to change up parts of your life and add difference to your daily routine. You are able to appreciate the little things in life, such as nature and a cold drink on a hot day. You are a bit of an ambivert who enjoys to be with other people, but cherishes some time alone as well.

Mostly B’s: You are Spring!
You have an optimistic outlook on life and being extroverted makes you a social butterfly. Being able to go out into the world and have a blast helps you to come up with creative ideas and take action. You are a very kind friend and are always thinking of other people!

Mostly C’s: You are Winter!
You are organized and realistic, making you an overall more mature person. You are are very practical and keep things neat in your life. You enjoy your cozy alone time and peace and quiet is like silent music to your ears.

Mostly D’s: You are Fall!
You are an extremely hard worker and always have an end goal in mind that you are striving to reach. Your motivation makes you an independent and diligent worker, helping you to get tasks done efficiently and move towards your plan for the future.

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