By: Ali S. 
What is friendship? Some people say that it's the state of being friends. Others say that it means the relationship between friends. While both definitions are true, they only scratch the surface of what friendship is, why it's important, and how it can have psychological and physical benefits. 
       Friendship is a state of mutual support and trust between two or more people. I think friendship has improved my life and the lives of others. One of the many reasons that I think friendship has improved my life is that it has positive effects on my health.  
One way that friendship has improved my health is by increasing my sense of belonging. Friendship has increased my sense of belonging because it has given me an important role in someone's life. Another way friendship has positive effects for me is that my friends have helped increase my confidence. I have been more likely to try new things and be myself because my friends are supportive of me.  
Research says that friendship can help you to be a healthier person. Studies show that when people are supported by social groups and are surrounded by good friends, their blood pressure levels are usually lower, which improves their health and can increase the longevity of their lives. Friendship can also help to reduce high levels of stress. This is because when people have the support of each other, they might be less likely to stress about what is going on in their everyday lives. High levels of stress can cause heart problems and health issues that can be extremely dangerous to the human body. 
So be a friend to someone. As Helen Keller once said, Walking with a friend in the dark is better than alone in the light.”   

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