By Evelyn H.

Trees are beautiful gifts of nature, withstanding tough environments, and providing the Earth with air, fruit, and flowers. Read on to learn which type of tree you are! 

How to take the quiz: Get out a sheet of paper, and number it 1 to 6. This is where you will write you answer: A, B, C, or D. At the end, count how many of each letter you have! Whatever letter you have the most of will match with a tree. Good luck! 

Question One: On a rainy day, you like to: 

A: Curl up with a good book! 
B: Do crafts until your hands fall off! 
C: Give yourself a manicure! 
D: Stuff your face with food and chill out near the TV! 

Question Two: What trait do you value most in your friends? 

A: Loyalty 
B: Honesty 
C: Kindness 
D: Generous  

Question Three: What is your favorite color? 

A: Red 
B: Yellow 
C: Blue 
D: Other 

Question Four: What do you wear most of the time? 

A: A T-shirt and jeans 
B: A cute jumpsuit 
C: A dress and necklace 
D: Whatever I feel like wearing 

Question Five: How do you feel at the end of a school day? 

A: Totally exhausted! 
B: Hyped up! Ive got tons of ideas for a school project! 
C: I have WAY too much homework, Im completely overwhelmed! 
D: Meh, kinda bored 

Question Six: What is your favorite ice cream flavor? 

A: Vanilla, strawberry, or chocolate 
B: Mint-chocolate-chip, or raspberry swirl 
C: Ill try anything! 
D: I prefer popsicles 

Now for the results! Count up your points. Whichever letter you have the most of matches to a tree! 

Mostly As: Birch tree! You are pretty calm, and you like to stick to the classics. But, like a birch tree is unique, you are always a reminder to your friends that you are all one-of-a-kind! 

Mostly Bs: You are a palm tree! As a very optimistic and creative person, you have a bouncy personality, and every day is sunshine and lollipops. You make your friends realize that the grass is greener where you water it! 

Mostly Cs: An apple tree! You are the type of person who can find the beauty in anything, and you are willing to try new things. You love to experience the thrill of a new adventure, and your friends always have blast wherever you go! 

Mostly Ds: A live oak! You have a strong opinion, and you love branching out and growing to learn about the world. You dont like drama that much, which makes you a great friend to rely on. Everyone you meet has an idea of your determined personality! 

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