By: Emma B.

Sometimes a writer’s biggest challenge isn’t editing. It’s not thinking of the right words or checking your character development. Sometimes it’s not even writer’s block. Sometimes it’s simply not knowing what to write. Fear not I’m here to help.  
As the snow (or rain if you live down South) hails from the sky and we all fight to keep our long-sleeve shirts clean, here are some writing prompts to keep you occupied by the fire.  

Group 1: “The Delightfully Awkward Prompts” 
Prompt 1: You’re a philosopher in the 1980’s who’s trying to figure out the meaning of life, when your girlfriend/boyfriend comes in with chocolates and your favorite song…and a note from your ex. 
Prompt 2: You’re at a café in Europe when a nerdy weirdo asks you on a date. What do you do? Prompt 3: Take your favorite pair of shoes and write an existential poem about it. 

Group 2: “The Song Prompts” 
Prompt 4: Pick your favorite song and your least favorite song and put the writers of those songs on a blind date together.  
Prompt 5: Write a recipe for a latte, sandwich, or cake based on your favorite song to cry to.  
Prompt 6: Write an informational essay about why your boyfriend/girlfriend should date you because of one song…and that song is from one of your favorite movies. 

Group #3: “Those Weird Ones” 
Prompt 7: A magical flower comes to life and has an obsession with Broadway. 
Prompt 8: Death offers not to kill you if you give him a spa-day. 
Prompt 9: Write an argumentative essay defending something utterly ridiculous. 

Group #4: “Word Prompts”: 
Write a Story Based on One of These Words:  
  • Strange 
  • Beautiful  
  • Cheetos 
  • Caterpillar  
  • Lively  
  • Water Bottle  
  • Plot 

These writing prompts are very easy to get into and you can do whatever you’d like with them, but you also have the ability to use all these prompts as is. They are fairly unspecific and elements can be changed as long as they still have some of the original elements. So have fun and try not to freeze this winter, there’s writing to be done!   

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