By: Ally W.  

All girls have that time of the month.” During your period, have you ever just had a strong craving for some sort of food during all of this? It’s a normal thing. I have asked about 20 people what their cravings are and here are the results. 

The creamy sweet treat is a very common craving. Most people in my sample said they crave chocolate from Reece’s to chocolate ice cream. "Chocolate has caffeine, which affects dopamine, which is our motivation and 'zest for life' brain chemical," Jean Hailes endocrinologist Dr. Sonia Davison tells us. 

Ice Cream 
It’s not just people on movies who might eat ice cream when they are sad. Ice cream is also a typical food to crave. I have discovered that ice cream makes me feel better just like chocolate does.  

There’s something about salty chips can make people eat a whole bag of them. Most all the people I talked to mentioned chips. Some said that they eat plain chips, some said they like to have salt and vinegar flavored chips, and some dip chips into onion dip. One person even said they dip them in chocolate.  

      Cheese was a big answer for some people. The main question is, is cheese good for helping your mood? Well Dr. Jill Rabin, professor of obstetrics and gynecology at Hofstra North Shore LIJ School of Medicine, has an answer. Rabin says, The most common [cravings] are the foods highest in what’s called phenethylamine … and the foods that are highest in these are cheese and chocolate, both will smooth out people’s mood.”   

       Not all women have cravings. Some women have cravings occasionally, and some have them all the time. Remember if you crave some of these foods be sure to also include healthy foods in your diet during your period. 

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