By: Maggie E.

      Do you need some type of light or lamp in your room? There are lots of lights out there, but why buy one when you can DIY your own Lava Lamp!

- A plastic water bottle
- Water
- Vegetable Oil
- A Funnel
- Food Coloring
- Alka Seltzer.

-Fill your plastic water bottle ¼ full of water.
-Add vegetable oil to fill up the rest of the bottle.
-Wait for the bubbles to settle.
-Add your choice of food coloring into the bottle.
- Drop two pieces of Alka Seltzer into the liquid in the bottle.
- Enjoy your Lava Lamp!

Fun Fact:
Did you notice when you were making your lava lamp that when you poured in your vegetable oil it floated on top of the water in a layer? Also, when you added your food coloring did you notice that it also floated right through the vegetable oil and went into the water? This is because water and food coloring are denser than vegetable oil.

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