By: Emma B. 

As I wrote in my article about Washington DC, the primary reason I was able to go to Washington DC was because I was staying in nearby Richmond, Virginia. Though I had numerous experiences in Richmond, Virginia, sharing them with you didn’t fit with my writings on Washington DC. But I did take numerous notes and wanted to share my experiences with you. So, here are my compiled writings on Richmond, Virginia.   

Notes on Richmond:  
Richmond might be the emptiest capital city I’ve seen in my entire life. When we drove into the city on the way to our hotel, the streets were empty and open. By contrast, at 8 in the morning the Atlanta traffic is snarling.  
In Richmond, our car never felt crowded on the highway once. However, that is by no means a bad thing. On the contrary, I think it adds to Richmond’s appeal. The city, due to its location during the Civil War, has many colonial buildings are still standing These buildings show their age, but are also next to massive skyscrapers and little apartment complexes that reminded me San Francisco. The architecture blends together. From old abandoned train stations, to modern cafes and bookstores, everything fits. It’s quiet, but that’s part of the city’s charm.  

On my first day there, I went to several big tourism spots within the city. First, I went to the Edgar Allan Poe Museum. The museum was delightfully gothic and interesting. The museum houses numerous historical paintings, letters and other items from Poe’s life. It’s also located in one of the oldest houses within the city. The museum is very small. This I feel, is both a strength and a weakness. The experience can be weakened because there isn’t much room. However, the intimacy of the building also makes it feel more haunting. I saw things like Poe’s childhood bed, paintings of his mothers, both biological and adopted, as well books and records and I couldn’t help but feel like I was trespassing.  Walking through the halls and exhibits and I felt like I was in the 1800s.  
The museum property also includes sprawling garden, with a bust of Poe himself. It’s a beautiful place, and one where I wish I spent more of my time. In many respects the museum is haunting; however, it is a perfect tribute for one of the most haunted men in history. 

After that, I went to a place tailor made for my little sister called The Children’s Museum of Richmond. I’ll be the first to admit, that the place was definitely not for me. It’s a place meant for very young children. When you walk in, there are play items around every corner. It’s literally a giant play place, complete with slides, bouncy houses and more than enough interactivity. However, as a 16 going on 17-year old, it just wasn’t my thing. It’s simplistic and feels like a preschool. Overall, I do think it’s nice and simple for young children, just not older kids 
The Children’s Museum is right next to the local science museum. The museum is in an old train-station, as were many things in Richmond, so you can see remnants of history everywhere. The clocks in the museum still run on train schedules and the dome itself looks like it belongs in the early 20’s. The museum itself also contains a vast amount of knowledge. The exhibits I saw while I was there were very impressive. I simulated a hurricane, and saw my hair in its messiest state ever, as well as saw many exhibits on airplanes and global warming. The museum also had many exhibits on animals, while staying very kid friendly and interesting. 

My next stop was the Virginia Museum of Fine ArtsWhen I visited, they had a wide variety of exhibits. All the paintings I saw while I was there were breathtaking, I do want to give a special highlight to my experience on the second floor of the building. When I arrived, I began with an exhibit on Greek pots and vases before entering an exhibit on necklaces. From there, the exhibits kept getting better and better. There were Egyptian and Greek tombsnumerous pieces from Asia, paintings and various pieces by Native Americans. My favorite exhibit featured various paintings of the Victorian era.  

did spend one more day in Richmond after our trip to Washington DC, but due to the exhaustion of doing all of Washington DC in one day, I mostly kept to my hotel room. Although, I did visit Fountain Bookstore Inc. which was very well run and very kind staff.  
Final thought from this teenage writer - Richmond, Virginia was a very fun and quiet city. The atmosphere was beautiful, the area was well laid out and everything was enjoyable 

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