By: Lea M. 

When you think about Girl Scouts, what do you this about? Do you think about badges, camping or Girl Scout Cookies?  Girls Scout Cookies are a very important part of Girl Scouts as a fundraiser and an icon of Girl Scouting. However, what you may not think of right away is the Treats & Keeps fundraiser. It normally takes place in the fall, and Girl Scouts sell magazines and small treats.  
While I think Treats & Keeps isn’t a bad idea, it’s just not as iconic as Girl Scout Cookies. People don’t really think or know about this fall fundraiser. What they do know though, is Girl Scout Cookies. Girl Scout Cookies are famous and so people love them. 
So, what about instead of Treats & Keeps, we just do year-round cookies? I think, it would make sense, because when people think about Girl Scouts, they think of cookies, and for good reason. Girl Scout Cookies are delicious and totally worth it.  
I think people will gladly support Girl Scouts if it means cookies.  Girl Scout Cookies represent Girl Scouts as a whole, because like Girl Scouts their goal is to help people and still be kind or sweet. Girl Scout Cookies can make you feel better about yourself and make others happy. Besides, year-round cookies would mean more Thin Mints and Samoas for us! However, this is my personal opinion about cookies. 
On the other hand, I think Treats & Keeps is a good idea. This fundraiser makes sure that people don’t get bored of having to buy the exact same thing year-round People do enjoy magazines and chocolate and are willing to buy them. After all, year-round cookies could get old and people may be less willing to consistently buy them after a couple years. (Supply + Demand)  
Besides, while Treats & Keeps still raising money for Girl Scouts, it just isn’t that well known. However, if more people knew, or recognized Treats & KeepsI would definitely say to keep them. But since they don’t, I would just recommend year-round cookies. 
In conclusion, Girl Scout Cookies are delicious, and not many people know that much about Treats & KeepsI guess it’s time for some extra marketing around Treats & Keeps or I’ll be on the side of year-round cookies. Do I need to elaborate? 

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