By: Kylie J. 

Fashion works like a Ferris wheel. It goes then it comes back over and over again. Lots of people’s tastes change. Here are five fashion trends that are back in style today. 

  1. Ripped jeans. Yes they’re here and they are here to stay this time. If you look in your closet I bet you have a pair of your own personal ripped jeans. If not, then you most likely know someone with ripped jeans. They were trendy in the 80's and now they’re trendy in the 2020's. 
  2. Big loose tees. They're back from the 90s. Loose flannel, loose shirts, and boyfriend shirts are in again. These are always a go-to if you're feeling lazy that day. You can just throw it on with jeans or leggings and you’re good to go. 
  3. Leather jackets. A throwback from the 40s and 50s is the leather jacket. There's so much you can do with a simple leather jacket. You can look chic and extra, but also calm and laid back at the same time. That's why this trend has been here for so long. 
  4. Crop tops. Crop tops are one the few style that's came back and has gotten even bigger than the first time it was here. You can wear crop tops with basically anything and it would look good. For a runway or even just to go to the store. 
  5. Mini backpacks. Yes! Mini backpacks are my favorite.  From the 90s to the 2020s they’re here. Backpacks are for everyone. They’re fashionable and they have storage, which is a huge plus.  

From crop tops, to backpacks, to ripped denim jeans - old fashion trends are taking over. They're coming back and are here to stay. And, even if they do go out of style soon they will be back on shelves in a few years. 

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