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Netflix. Netflix. Netflix. We all love it. But after a while, it can feel like there's nothing else to watch. Well we have some suggestions for you. These titles we are suggesting are for older kids and teens. Here are 14 great Netflix TV shows and movies. 

1. Stranger Things 
Genre: Sci-Fi

This show is based on the board game Dungeons and Dragons. In the show, a character named Will is taken to “the Upside Down” by Demogorgons and his friends try to save him. They meet a girl with telekinesis, and she helps Will’s friendsalong with his mom, brother, and many other people close to him, save him. This Sci-Fi series has 3 seasons and is soon coming out with a season 4. We recommend this show if you love the 80's action shows. 

2. Fuller House
Genre: Comedy  

D.J.’s sister, Stephanie, and friend, Kimmy, and her daughter all move in to assist her with her kids after their dad died. This spin-off series of the original “Full House” is a fun comedy series with 4 seasons to enjoy. 

3. Gilmore Girls 
Genre: Drama  

Gilmore Girls is a show about a teen mom, Lorelai, who moved to a quaint town to raise her daughter without the help of her parents. Both Lorelai and Rory have boy drama. These two best friends find a way to stay with each other throughout everything.  

4. Glee  
Genre: Drama

Glee is a show about a couple of outcast high schoolers joining a singing club, Glee Club, where everyone is accepted. As the years go on they have troubles and haters, but they stay together even after they graduate. Some of the kid’s lives take a turn of events, but every kid still loves each other.  

5. Friends  
Genre: Sitcom  

Friends is a sitcom about a group of six friends living in Manhattan. They all find their way through their life. Even with ups and downs, the friends manage to stay together. 

6. When They See Us 
Genre: Drama 

This is truly a masterpiece. When They See Us is a limited series that was based on the Central Park 5 who were wrongly accused of a crime. You might want to watch this with your parents but if you're mature enough to go for it watch it alone. So if you love crime and justice definitely watch this. 

7. To All The Boys Ive Loved Before 
Genre: Romance/Comedy/Drama 

This is a romance between a girl and a boy. This is also a book and sequel written by Jenny Han. It is about how a girl’s fantasy love letters end up being sent to the guys she wrote them to, but never meant for them to see 

8. On My Block 
Genre: Comedy/Drama 

On MBlock is another teen drama about high school kids trying to figure life out. It deals with gang violence and other problems in the world. If you’re a teen you will definitely relate to some of the things it talks about. 

9. Riverdale 
Genre: Teen Drama/Mystery 

Riverdale is based on the Archie Comics. It is a teen drama that follows the life of four different best friends. It involves romance, High School, crime, and more. You'll have to watch it to find out what happens. 

10. Kiss and Cry 
Genre: Drama/Romance 

Kiss and Cry is a heart-wrenching story about a girl that has a rare form of throat cancer. It's based on a true story about Carly Allison, and you will totally end up in tears – I did. 

11. Nappily Ever After 
Genre: Romance/Comedy/Drama 

If you love women’s empowerment and hair this is for you. This is a movie about a woman who thinks everything has to be perfect for a man. She soon realizes that perfect may be boring. This is based on a book by Trisha Thomas. 

12. Then Came You 
Genre: Adventure/Drama/Comedy 

Then Came You is a romance you will love. It's about a courageous strong girl and a scared introverted boy who find each other. If you watch this amazing movie, you can figure out what happens between them. 

13. Dumplin
Genre: Drama/ Musical 

Dumplin is a story about a girl who thinks everyone deserves a chance even if they're stepping out of their comfort zone. Dumplin believes you don’t have to have the perfect body to be in pageants. Get ready for this. It's also based on the best-selling book by Julie Murphy. 

14. Dismissed 
Genre: Thriller 

This boy will do anything to get into Harvard he might even kill people for a perfect score. If you love thrillers this is a must-watch. It's also starring Dylan Sprouse, so that's a plus. 

And those our top 14 Netflix movie suggestions. From romance, to heartfelt, action, and thriller. Grab your blanket and a bucket of popcorn and enjoy! 

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