By: Zora F. 

lot of us are stuck at home in quarantine due to the Coronavirus, but instead of being stuck inside bored lets have some fun!  

Here are 13 things you can do while in quarantine to have fun. I have listed each activity in order 1 being the most fun (I think) to 13 being the least fun (in my opinion) but all of them are fun (trust me).  

1. Make a TikTok video 
You can make dance videos with your family and friends, or simply watch funny videos on the app. 

2. Binge watching shows & movies 
Netflix and Tubi are great platforms to binge watch your favorite shows, and have really great movies too! 

3. Face Mask! 
Face masks are the perfect skin care treatment to do at home with your family. They come in arrangements of different colors and consistencies!  

4. Try a new recipe 
Find easy recipes with ingredients around your kitchen, and have fun while cooking with your family. 

5. Play online games with your friends 
Fun games like Roblox, Sims, and Minecraft. 

6. Make a quarantine playlist 
Jam out to songs during the quarantine. Have a private concert in your room! 

7. Virtual Field Trips with friends! 
Host your very own virtual field trip via FaceTime or Zoom, and travel to different countries with friends and family! 

8. Just Dance 
Nostalgia at its finest! Pull up YouTube and challenge your friends and family to Just Dance dance off! 

9. Explore your backyard 
If being inside is cramping your style, head outside and explore. The weather is amazing, it's Spring Time but remember to social-distance. 

10. Help in your community 
If you are able, try helping out people in  your communities who are high risk. You can  bring them groceries or just checking in on them from time to time. 

11. Rearrange your room 
Being in the same room might be boring, take the time you have and help from a family member and rearrange the room for a nice new look! 

12. Workout 
Yeah...working out might not be fun, but you still need to be active at home to keep your health up. Simply Google fun easy workouts at home. 

13. Do your Digital Learning 
Online School is a pain but it's important you do it so you’re not behind next school year. 

Remember to stay safe and wash your hands! I hope some of these activities make your quarantine fun for you, your friends, and family. 

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