By: Maggie E. 

Do you have a crazy, stressful life and cannot seem to find a way to organize it? Well, I have a solution for you. A Bullet Journal! Bullet Journaling is a DIY planner you make for yourself to tackle your own personal needs. And it is perfect if you want a cute planner on a budget. All you really need is a journal (preferably dotted) and a pen (colored pens or markers if you want to go all out). If you want to you could just make a calendar for each month and write in your schedule, or you could take the super creative route and have a theme each month, with your calendar, or anything else you need to keep you going. 

In my bullet journal, each month I have a new theme (I have done Pumpkins for October, Stars for November, Polaroids for December, Mountains for January, and many more). I will put a big calendar on the next pages, and then put trackers on the next two pages. I like to do mood trackers, where you color something in a certain color depending on your mood that day, and Habit Trackers, where you can track what days you are reading or doing something important to you. I also like to have just a page to dump things I have just floating in my head that I need to remember, and finally I have weekly spreads where I can focus on each day of the week every week. 

Bullet Journals are something that you can customize based on your needs! So, I would encourage you to think about things that you would like to get done or would like to do less in your everyday life. If you ever need inspiration, I encourage you to look at bullet journal ideas on Pinterest or watch a video on YouTube. Bullet Journaling is nice especially if you just want a way to sit down and figure out your needs. Here are some examples of different things you can do in your bullet journal and how you can get started!

Like I said before, your bullet journal should be for you, so you can do whatever you want to do with it. This is the cover of my first bullet journal, as you can see it came with the words “Just be yourself”, written on it. I decided to surround those words with stickers I collected over the time period I had the journal so it is more personalized to my liking, and I encourage you to do whatever you want to do with your cover. Weather that means painting it, or just leaving it blank.

This is my October spread, where I chose to do the theme pumpkins. As you can see I put a little quote on the first page, and then on the next page I put a big cover page for the month of October that went along with the pumpkin theme. You, of course, can do any theme your heart desires. You do you!

Now onto our monthly calendar. Your monthly calendar is a place to view your entire month, you can write in birthdays, school events, sport events, or anything you need to remember. You can do a big calendar like I did here or you could even do a smaller calendar and have a place for goals that month or things you are thankful for, anything you want!

These are my trackers; I personally use a habit tracker and a mood tracker. You can do any type of tracker you want, you could do a sleep tracker, a yearly tracker, anything! Here is how you do a mood and habit tracker. 

Habit Tracker- For a habit tracker you would put mini calendars next to every habit you want to track and each day you do that habit you would color over that day.

Mood Tracker- These are very simple. All you do is come up with colors for certain moods and then whatever you feel that day you color in your object with that color.

This is my jot-it-down page. This is kind of like my brain dump page, you can dump anything you have floating around in your brain that you need to remember onto this page, so you do not forget. 

If you are ever in the situation where you have a blank page and do not know what to do with it, the perfect thing to fill it up with is a quote page! Find a quote that you like (it could go with your theme that month or it could be completely random) and then just write that quote out however you want. I like to use lots of colors to make it pop!

Finally, something you will most likely use the most in your journal, is your weekly spread. These pages are where you map your week and can focus on each day and what you have to do that day. I normally write down my homework here, anything I have after school, and to-do lists. These help you remember anything you have to do in your week.

Well, now that you know all about Bullet Journaling, what are you waiting for? Start it up, be creative, and have fun!

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