Kylie J.

Decorating a room doesn't have to mean plain. Lots of creativity can turn your space into the room you wish for. Your space needs excellent designs to make it into a cozy and creative space. Here are eight ways to spice up your room and your life.

  1. An accent wall - Accent walls can really change the whole feel of a room for the better. They add some style and coziness. It's also money saving because you only paint one wall.

  1. New curtains - Curtains make a room look finished or complete. They occupy space on the wall. Whether their color or size they pull a room together.

  1. Pop of color - A room isn't finished without leaving your own colorful mark on it. A pop of color can add something special. It's a way to add personality to a neutral or bland space.

  1. Add greenery - Adding greenery can do a lot for a space. For starters, real plants bring fresh air indoors while also adding decor with a chic bohemian vibe. Also, houseplants last much longer so there is no reason to spend so much money.

  1. Add texture - Adding texture means creating visuals. You can do that in so many ways, the goal is diversity among the objects in your space. For example, a shelf full of varying types of books will give your room more texture.

  1. Pick a theme - A theme can be a powerful unifying device, not to mention calming. Making your room suit you with the right style or theme will bring it all together.

  1. Less is best - A clutter-free life can feel unreasonable when your bedroom doesn't have the right feeling. You want it to feel like a safe place. The minimalist style uses a neutral palette and simplicity that’s perfect for relaxing.

  1. Add a rug - Adding a rug to a room that lacks excitement can complete a room by tying all the different pieces together. A rug anchors a room and helps add texture to a room's decor.

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