By: Alyssa N.

With quarantine, we’re all stuck at home with nothing to do. But we shouldn’t let this time be wasted because we can still do fun things at home to pass the time. There are multiple fun things we can do at home. Here are a few ideas.

One fun thing that we can do at home is learn a new language. Learning a new language is fun if you think about it in a certain way. You can surprise people when you talk with them in a different language and maybe get something good out of the conversation. Also, if you like a song and it is in a new language that you don’t understand, you can learn that language so you can understand what the artist is saying. With that, according to Eton Institute, it states that “89% of our clients stated that multilingual employees add value to the workforce and 88% stated that recruiting team members with language skills is important to their organization. A multilingual ability is definitely a competitive edge in today’s world.” I think with learning a second language, you are opening up a door in a wall to more career choices. 

If you don’t want to learn a second language or if you are already fluent in another language, you can draw or color. Drawing or coloring is very therapeutic and it can release stress hormones. When you are stressed or anxious, instead of dwelling on it, you can channel your energy into drawing or coloring. (I think focusing on stressful things will only create future problems.) According to Very Well Mind, it states that “decades ago, psychologist Carl Jung recommended coloring mandalas (circular designs that can contain intricate patterns or symbols) as a therapeutic intervention to promote psychological health, as he perceived that drawing mandalas had a calming effect on his patients while facilitating their processing of thoughts and emotions.” That said, I think, drawing or coloring can make you have a calm and positive outlook on life.

In conclusion, there are fun things that you can do to entertain yourself. You can learn a new language and open up new career choices, which will benefit you in the long run. You can draw which is very therapeutic and releases stress hormones. Or you can color, which is also very therapeutic and releases stress hormones. 

What other ideas do you have? Share them in the comments of this article. 

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