Kamani P.

  1. On My Block - On my Block is an intense, heartwarming, edge of your seat show that has you begging for more every time you get to the end of an episode. The show follows the lives of four teenagers dealing with the problems of high school demands and keeping their friend Cesar out of trouble. Follow the lives of Jamal, Ruben, Monse, and Cesar in the show On My Block.

  1. Tiger King - An exotic cat owner, Joe Exotic, spirals out of control and is convicted for murdering a rival exotic cat owner. During the show we are introduced to a woman named Carol, there is a lot of evidence that points to her having killed the victim, who also happens to be her husband. Did Joe kill his rival or was it Carol? Watch Tiger King and find out.

  1. A Series of Unfortunate Events - If you like mysteries, this never-ending story of three orphans with fast and witty storylines is for you. The story follows the lives of three orphans as they try to run away and outwit a completely corrupt man who comes up with schemes to steal their fortune.

  1. All American - This show was one of the best heart-wrenching shows to watch. The story takes place in Crenshaw (a high crime neighborhood) and Beverly Hills (a low crime, wealthy, suburban area). A talented football player from Crenshaw, Spencer James, is recruited to play for Beverly Hills. Spencer has to balance the life he has in Beverly Hills and the one he has in Crenshaw while keeping his friends and family safe. 

  1. The Get Down - During the summer of the 1970s, a group of kids in the Bronx find their voices discover their purpose and try not to let the harsh environment of their birthplace get in the way of their dreams.

  1. Self Made: Inspired by the Life of Madam C.J. Walker - This is the story of the first black woman who was a self-made millionaire and entrepreneur. During her rise to fortune Madam Walker struggles with her self image, colorism, her cheating husband, and a backstabbing friend. Please watch with your parents if under 15.

  1. 13 Reasons Why - This show had me so deep in my feels it was crazy. The plot is centered around a girl who killed herself and the people that “made” her kill herself. This girl’s name is Hannah Baker. She leaves tapes for the people that were once her friends to listen to. After they listen to those tapes, chaos breaks loose in their town. DO NOT WATCH IF YOU ARE UNDER 16

  1. Stranger Things - This adventure is set in the 80s and gives off a nostalgic vibe. The plot of season 1 revolves around a boy who disappears from the town. As his town, family, and friends search for him they find a mysterious girl who has telekinetic powers and is somehow related to the missing boy. It’s really good if you like 80s nostalgia, chilling mysteries, and children that go on adventures and places they shouldn’t be! 

  1. Haikyuu!! - This is a sports-based anime about an underdog team (Karasuno High) and the main characters/players on the team. The main character is a short, lovable, redhead who wants to be an ace named Hinata. (The ace is the person on the team that scores the most points by spiking the ball to the opponent’s court.) Karasuno is a team that is used to losing, so when the team is introduced to four first years who each have their own talents, they can finally rise from the ashes and conquer the court. This is one of my favorite anime because of the development that happens to each character in the show. Once you get through the first episode you’ll love the show! 

  1. Anne with an E - This Netflix original is based on the book Anne of Green Gables. For those that haven’t read the book (don’t feel bad I haven’t either), one of the main characters Anne is a girl who has been orphaned for the entirety of her life. Insert Matthew and Marilla. These two are brother and sister who live together on a farm. They need an extra hand on the farm and want a boy to help but instead they get Anne. Watch this show to see how Marilla and Matthew handle the new addition to their farm!

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