By: Maggie E. and Evelyn H.

Ever wonder what season you are? Well, now you get to find out! Take this quiz to figure out if you are summer, winter, spring, or fall. While taking the quiz, remember to write down your answers to find out what season you are at the end of the quiz. Have Fun!

1. How would you describe your personality?

  1. Outgoing and energetic 

  2. Calm and Quiet 

  3. Optimistic and Intelligent

  4. Loyal and Passionate

2. What is your favorite food?

  1. Barbecue

  2. Popcorn

  3. French Toast

  4. Pumpkin Pie.

3. What is your favorite color?

  1. Yellow

  2. Blue

  3. Green

  4. Red

4. What is your favorite time of day?

  1. Noon

  2. Evening 

  3. Morning

  4. Late afternoon

5. What do you like to do in your free time?

  1. Arts and Crafts

  2. Reading

  3. Sports

  4. Shopping

6. What Disney character do you relate most to?

  1. Nemo

  2. Snow White

  3. Rapunzel

  4. Merida

7. If you were ever late to class, what would you do?

  1. I would skip it

  2. I would apologize

  3. I would sneak in

  4. I am never late for class

8. What is your mental age?

  1. Eight or nine

  2. Teenager

  3. An excited toddler

  4. College student

9. What instrument would you learn?

  1. Ukulele

  2. Oboe

  3. Flute

  4. Piano

10. Favorite brand of shoe?

  1. Nike

  2. Converse

  3. Sketchers

  4. Adidas

11. What is your favorite school supply?

  1. Scissors

  2. Eraser

  3. Colored Pencils

  4. Markers

12. What is your favorite sport?

  1. Football

  2. Hockey

  3. Ping pong

  4. Baseball

13. What is your favorite school subject?

  1. Art

  2. English

  3. Chorus

  4. Social Studies

14. What is your favorite animal?

  1. Dog

  2. Rabbit

  3. Cat

  4. Bird

15. If you could take one thing onto a desert island what would it be?

  1. Favorite stuffed animal

  2. My Best Friend

  3. Family member

  4. My phone

Okay, now that you have all your answers it is time to find out what season you are!


You had mostly A’s- Summer

You had mostly B’s- Winter

You had mostly C’s- Spring

You had mostly D’s- Winter

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