By: Maggie E.

Sometimes our rooms can become a little boring, but what if you do not have the money to spice it up? Well, if you are in that situation here are a couple of DIY room decor ideas for you that won’t use up all of your extra cash. 

Boho Wall Hanging


  • Wooden rod or stick

  • Your choice of colored yarn

  • String to hang it up


1. Take your color choice of yarn and measure out how long you want your wall hanging to be, then double the yarn and cut it. Repeat this for as many times as you need to so that you have enough yarn to fill up the wooden rod.

2. Take your string and fold it in half. Put the string over the wooden rod and fold the end of the string with the loose ends through the side with the folded loop.

3. Pull it tight. This will make the yarn tight to rod. The loose ends should fall underneath the rod.  

4. Repeat step three for each piece of yarn until your rod is filled.

5. Tie a string to each end of the rod and hang it from a hook in your room.

PRO TIP: if you want to make a design that isn't straight along the bottom, you can vary the lengths of the loose ends. I like to start in the middle of my wall hanging and cut the strings at different lengths.   

Photo Clipboards


  • Clipboards

  • Your favorite pictures or magazines

  • A way to decorate your clipboards (paint, washi tape, printed picture)

  • A string or way to hang up the clipboards


1. Grab your clipboards and decorate them anyway you want. You could use paint, Washi Tape, or you could print out a picture and glue it to the clipboard.

2. Next, grab any of your favorite pictures or magazines and clip them onto the clipboard.

3. Finally, attach the sting to the clip on the clipboard by just tying it, then hang them up, and you are done!

Geometric Mason Jars


  • Mason Jars

  • Paint or Paint Pens

  • Painters Tape or Washi Tape


1. Use your painters’ tape to make triangles all around the jar.

2. Use your paint or paint pens and paint all the triangles any color you want.

3. Let your jar dry

4. Remove the tape carefully and you are done!

You can put these on your desk to store pencils, or just as decoration for your bookshelf for all of your virtual school classes.

Picture string lights


  • Fairy lights

  • Wooden clips

  • Printed copies of your favorite photos


1. Hang up your fairy lights in your room. You may need to ask an adult to help you with hanging the lights. 

2. Take your pictures and clip them up on the fairy lights with the wooden clips.

This one is simple, but it is very cute in any room! You can also change out the pictures for each season. A winter wonderland sounds awesome for now or what about your favorite pics from your last trip to the beach? #SummerVibes

Cute Mini Candles


  • Mini glass cups

  • Small candles (real or battery powered)

  • Paint, decorative tape, anything to decorate the glass.


1. Take you small glass cups and decorate them anyway you want. You can even use the same technique that I outlined in the Geometric Mason Jars craft. 

2. When you are done decorating and all of your decorations have dried, stick the candles in the bottom of the glass

3. Put your new candles somewhere in your room to light it up.

This one is also simple but adds an amazing touch to your room without being expensive! Cute Mini Candles is also a great way to upcycle votive holders that your family might already have in the cabinet and are not using. 

Grid Panel Photo Holder


  • Wired Grid Panel

  • Wooden clips

  • Photos

  • Paint (optional)


1. Grab your Wired grid panel. You can buy a panel at a craft store, on Amazon or at Home Depot. If you do not like the original color, you can paint it to go with your room.

2. Grab your wooden clips and photos. Clip your photos in any pattern or at any place you want. 

3. Finally, hang it up above your desk, or wherever you want to add a new look to your space. You can use string or anything you think will work to attach it to your wall.

Well there you have it. Seven different ways to spice up your room on a budget. I hope you found something you can do to add to your room. Feel free to share your ideas with us in the comments of this article. 

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