Maggie E.

Can’t keep up with your life? Can’t remember when that Math quiz is? Don’t remember what time your meeting is? These are all signs that you are becoming unorganized. Here are 8 tips to help you keep up with your busy schedule.

1. Use a calendar! Getting some type of calendar is a really easy way to keep up with everything. All you have to do is buy one (Or there are plenty of free ones you can download from the Internet). It could be one with a big calendar or it could be a bullet journal, whatever you think is best for your life. Then, when your science teacher says you have a quiz on Friday, write it down on your calendar. When your boss says you have a meeting on Wednesday at 2:00, write it down on your calendar. Then, when you can’t remember when something was, just look in your calendar and there it is!

2. Make checklists for yourself. Have a lot to do tonight, and can’t remember it all? Make a checklist. If you want to you could even get a small notebook for you to put all your lists in. That way when you know what you need to get done tonight you can just write it down and look at it later.

3. If you're the kind of person whose room is always a mess this is a tip for you! Pick up all that stuff on your floor and sort it into piles then put them into the places they need to go. For all of the things that don’t have a place for, put them into bins or cubbies then store them somewhere you know they are, like your closet, or under your bed.

4. Are you always rushing to get ready in the morning and end up making yourself late? Here is a very simple tip to help you out. Take ten minutes the night before to get everything together. Lay out your clothes, put all your tech on the charger, put anything you need in your bag. It’s a very small task but it can save you so much time in the morning!

5. Set alarms for yourself. If you know you have a lot to do in a short amount of time try setting alarms for yourself, so after you do one thing for 30 switch to the next thing. Or, if you have volleyball practice tonight and a whole lot of homework, set an alarm so you know when you need to stop your homework and get ready for volleyball.

6. Make schedules for yourself. And by this I mean, in the morning or evening have things you want to get done every day. Such as, making your bed, putting your laundry away, writing in your diary. This will help you to get into some order and it will just become a habit so you are getting things done without even knowing it.

7. Plan out your day. In the morning, or the night before, take a second to sit down and plan out your day. Write down what you want to get done, what you have going on, and any other things you need to remember. So when you are ready to get things done you know what to do first.

8. Got a desk that is a big mess? Try to find some cheap desk organizers. These can be little containers that you stick in your drawers to hold paper clips or sticky notes. Or you could get some simple mason jars to put on your desk to hold your pens. Anything that works for you, as long as your desk is a place you can get work done!

If you follow some of these tips you are guaranteed to be more organized in your everyday life!

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