By J. B.

In the infinity that is this world, for what do we exist? Shall the simple pleasures of a meandering day satisfy our hunger for the adventurous spirit of our ancestors? And for what of the thrills brought about by the memories of our childhood; a time of innocence of mind and elation of the soul, shall we have forgotten those days? And what of the pain and trials we've endured? Shall we trivialize those or look back with our heads held high and see how far we've come?
The power of the human spirit triumphs that of the natural evil of the world. The beauty of our lives fills the empty world to leave a mark.  Yet our hatred erases the neon colors of our love. For all that you don't accept and therefore reject with your heart, you've taken away a piece of someone else's happiness. You've erased some of their rainbow. In doing this, how have you made your life better? Does it make you happy to know that others have been denied the happiness they deserve? Before you condemn our love, think of a minute how many young hearts you are ripping apart with your words. The people who look up to you, yet feel they have to hide their true colors, have now seen your true colors.
The light our love spreads doesn't make your light seem any dimmer. It makes the world a little bit brighter. The simple carefreeness of childhood and the smiles you smiled in those lazy dog days of summer, we felt those feelings too. We smiled those same smiles. We felt that same pain. We were burdened with the feels that truly make us human. We are human too. And we have power.
Taking away a piece of us doesn't make you stronger. You should not have to tear us apart and dehumanize us to make you seem right. Live your life free and happy, yet we live in chains and kept from the things we want most. If you get the fresh bread out of the oven, yet give us the week-old bread, do you see those as equal? If you drink wine from the golden cup, yet make us drink grape juice from the plastic cup, do you see those are the same? They are not equal. They will never be equal. Now that we have had a taste of the wine from the golden cup, is it right to yank it away from us again? Is it right to take away what we have fought so hard for? And if you do, do you expect us to give up in shame and stop fighting? We do not give up easily. Every time you beat us down, we will rise up stronger with more added to our army. We will fight until we can eat the same bread as you and drink from the same cup.
We are human and we are beautiful. We are strong and we will let our colors shine so all the world can see our pride. We have no shame for what we are. It is you who is insecure in who you are.
Love is love.

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