Artwork by: Evelyn H.

Look at us now, on the final stretch towards the end of 2021! 2020 was such a downer for so many people considering how last year we were in quarantine for months on end. Coming back into ‘normal’ life, there are a few vaccines, mask mandates are being lifted and things are going back to the way they were. While you are shaping your new normal, Lime Green Giraffe (LGG) wants to be a part of it with several well-written pieces by our uber talented staff members. 

As usual, there will be a wide variety of articles ranging from titles such as ‘I’m a Barbie Girl - Diversity in the Beauty World ’ to ‘What is a Fanfiction and How to Write One’, there will most definitely be an article just right for you. With this being one giant collaboration, you will be able to experience a topic from multiple perspectives, allowing for coverage that is as diverse as possible.

The LGG is an organization created by girls for girls, and our main mission is to empower girls all around the world, by using the voice we have to express our opinions and our views. We seek to create an environment where girls can feel safe sharing their voice, and are encouraged to have an opinion. Since becoming a member, I feel as though I have gained a voice to express my thoughts and feelings. 

If you are a girl with big dreams, this is the magazine for you.

Allow us to give you a ticket to peer inside our minds while reading these articles. If you relate to any of our brain spills, that is awesomely awesome! Have a great rest of your summer.


-Bailey M.

Copy Editor

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