By: Kylie J.

I walk alone into the trees

Where nature is apart of me

I lay where the sun’s bright cause of the

desert at night

Seasons start changing 

A late winter thought

the autumn leaves waving

saying goodbye to the freshness brought

Dancing along through the evening sky

where all the leaves are meant to fly

I take my hand and reach up to catch one

To see it dance against the sun

Buts it’s not there anymore

no one remembers not one can tell

what gushes down the long steep hill

It's not water or fresh air

or any flowers from nature’s care

But it’s black and brown tar 

from eye and eye apart

Everything is dead

but they turn silent head

Ignoring the birds cries

because they can no longer take flight

But I was told that the land was once a beauty

a reminder of our once young purity

The silver rays that nature choose to make

are now brown due to the dying lake

The sound of the wind was once soothing 

as I swung from tree to tree

Flower petals were blooming 

right underneath me

They were held by the brightest stem 

bearing a lovely chiseled gem

But now that gem has turned to dust 

taken away by all our rust

We build while destroying

because to create is to destroy

We treat the world as if it’s a broken toy

but it’s okay to chop down the trees


You need the luxury bed

but what do you think the world will be like 

When everything around us is sad and dead

Killing beauty from the Earth

while taking away wildlife from it’s true worth

It’s the human hand 

from the big powerful man

That is the destroyer of all such land

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