By Lea M.

Practically everyone loves Girl Scout Cookies. From the iconic Thin Mints to the new releases like Lemon-Ups, these treats are adored by all. Yes, the cookies are all amazing and beloved, but just like everything else, these sweets do fall into a hierarchy. Which cookies will land on top, and which will fall short? Here are my thoughts:

#8. Trefoils

Unfortunately, in order to properly rank anything, you’d need something to throw under the bus. Something needs to come in last. In this case, that something happens to be the Trefoils. While these cookies are good dipped into coffee or hot chocolate, they just don’t really have anything major going for them. They aren’t particularly bad, just boring.

#7. Girl Scout S’mores

While this cookie is also not inherently bad, it does have some issues. The chocolate and marshmallow fillings combined are a touch too sweet for my taste, and it hardly tastes like a true s’more. On the other hand, this cookie is something my younger self would have absolutely adored, and I am certain that other children share the sentiment.

#6. Toffee-Tastic

For this one, let’s start with the good. They taste quite nice and are an excellent gluten-free option. The toffee chips are delicious and taste like caramel, though there aren’t nearly enough of them. However, it tends to be quite dry, and the toffee bits are hard and chewy. This is not the cookie I would immediately order every time a Scout appears on my doorstep, but maybe I’d grab it once every couple years. Overall, a pretty good treat.

#5. Do-Si-Dos

Much like the before-mentioned Trefoils, these cookies aren’t bad or even have any major pitfalls, they just simply aren’t interesting. Sure-they’re tasty, but what else? Where’s the Wow-Factor shared by all top contenders in this fun little ranking? These are the cookies that you try a couple, nod your head in acknowledgement that they’re good, and then immediately reach over the box to grab more Thin Mints.

#4. Lemon-Ups

  These cookies are surprisingly nice. They are sweet, tangy, and quite refreshing. I imagine them to be a perfect summer treat, although I have yet to test that theory. However, they are large, so it’s hard to eat a ton of them in a sitting. They are also far too sugary. 

#3. Tagalongs

If someone were to bring in a couple of boxes of Girl Scout Cookies to munch on, it’s practically guaranteed that Tagalogs will be among that spread. These chocolate covered-peanut butter treats are beloved by many and well-deserve that title. However, if you don’t like peanut butter or are allergic to it, you’d probably want to avoid these.

#2. Thin Mints

Thin Mints are the quintessential Girl Scout Cookie. They’re popular- and are so, so, so delicious. These cookies are the perfect mix of chocolate and mint, and perhaps most importantly, you can eat so many of them at a time without getting tired of them.

#1. Samoas

Samoas are literally a gift to this world. The chewy, chocolaty, caramel-covered coconut cookies taste insanely good, and I will never be convinced to give any other cookie the top spot. (Grated- some people do not enjoy coconut, which is an understandable reason to not like Samoas.) However, I am not one of those people, so I will loudly declare my adoration for these tasty treats.

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