By: Alyssa N.

Vegetarians and vegans often get questioned or even teased about their decision to not eat meat, or hear comments like, “a little meat wouldn’t hurt now and then.” Sometimes they get reduced to stereotypes such as always being skinny or only eating salads, which isn’t always true. However, being vegetarian shouldn’t be reduced to just their labels. People who choose to eat more plant-based can eat many different things, and there are lots of different types of recipes that vegetarians can make. I’ve picked two different recipes to show you that are vegetarian so you can try for yourself! 

The first, for example, is mushroom risotto ( It’s a really delicious dish, with the butter from the risotto melting in your mouth, and the seasoned mushroom feeling like euphoria as you taste them, this recipe is one to make. The second recipe is cheese and bean quesadillas ( This is also a really amazing dish. With this, you have the grated melted cheddar cheese and the beans blended together and it tastes great. Trust me, recipes like these are good.

Ultimately, vegetarians shouldn’t be judged for their preferences and how they want to eat. Some people get their protein from meat; some get it from beans - at the end of the day recipes like these are key so that vegetarians don’t need to eat meat or use supplements to get nutrients. 


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