By: Lime Green Giraffe Webmaster, Cameryn P.

An essence of renewal floods the Earth

As a new season starts to wake


But through the cries of Mother Nature

Comes her vivid tissues,

To dry up her watery ways


A cloud of yellow magic dust derisively sweeps through the air

A choir of “achoos” singing from here to there

The time when ostentatious eggs are being voraciously pursued

But not for the consumption of their yolk

Yet for the treats and communion that it brings the American folk

As a form of renewal, baptizes the ground

A new seed planting within us 

As our soul rehabilitates within oneself every time around


And now we can hear the silence of the chirping birds

The buzzing now coming to an end

The morning dew no longer to say, “good morning,”

But the sun bringing a scorching warning

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