Lime Green Giraffe: Why did you choose to do leaf rubbings as your contribution to this issue?

Artist Maggie E.: I have always loved both nature and art, so combining them is just something I love to do! Making leaf rubbings is an amazing way for anyone to spread their love of nature through artwork.

Lime Green Giraffe: How do you think art like tree rubbings can inspire people to take action?

Maggie E.:  I believe that by creating art like tree rubbings you can help inspire others to think about nature in their lives. And, maybe even inspire them to make their own tree art to continue the chain of inspiring people to help save trees.

Lime Green Giraffe: Do you have a special message to our readers?

Maggie E.:  Keep finding ways in your own life to use your creativity to spread the word about saving trees. Trees need our help to keep them alive and by doing these small things in our own lives we can help save them.

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