Leroy V.        

Life is changing, and people change along with it. This means we have to be accepting of this new generation. One of the changes is the population of queer people. Especially in teens and young adults. Lots of people have a hard time telling others about this newfound discovery of themselves. Here are 15 fun and easy ways you can come out to friends and family. 

  1. Bake a cake. You can bake an easy cake using a box of cake mix and decorate it with frosting the color of your flag. Then write in gel icing what sexuality you are.

  2. Write a letter. You could leave a handwritten note to the person whom you're telling. In writing a letter you address the person, tell everything you're feeling then sign it. You could hand deliver it or you could leave it in the mailbox.

  3. Throw a party. Try arranging a small party at the park. Hey, you can even bring that cake idea. Make sure to decorate with the color of your flag. You can get ideas on pinterest.com and buzzfeed.com

  4. Text. An easy way to come out is by text. It might be hard at first, but just explain what you are and ask for support.

  5. Make a poster. You can write out in marker, candy, dry pasta, and many other things. Make a poster and put it up somewhere that person can see it.

  6. Say it at an event. You could just blurt it out in public. Whether you're in the store or if you're in a school event. Declare it to the world.

  7. Make a bracelet. You could make a bracelet with your flag and then your name. Get creative and make it expressive.

  8. Set up a scavenger hunt. Set up a scavenger hunt in the park or your yard. Then leave a note at the end saying you’re gay, les, bi, etc;

  9. Go on a hike. Go on a hike with family or friends, and when you reach the top just yell it out for everyone in earshot to hear.

  10. Paint or carve it in a pumpkin. You can paint or carve it into a pumpkin and present it to a friend or just stick it on your porch.

  11. Fruit messages. Write it on a banana or other phallic fruit. Then mail the banana or other fruit, to your friend/loved one. (You can do this.) (Use a VERY unripe banana and it will be ripe when it arrives.)

  12. Big and obvious. Print out a big picture of yourself and draw an arrow and write "[your name] Is Trans, Bi, Les, etc;" on it. Leave it in a place they will see it, e.g., on their windshield.

  13. Literally come out of the closet. Paste a picture of your flag inside the closet door. Make sure the person you want to see it comes after you're in the closet. Then walk out of the closet and say “I’m gay, bi, etc.

  14. Coffee makes things better. Get someone a coffee and write your announcement on it. (Also a good way to come out to your barista.)

  15. Talk. Just sit and talk with the person.

Come out when you’re ready. There’s no rush.                          

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