By: Kailey G.

Have you seen someone being left out in their group of friends? Maybe you have seen this, or maybe you have been someone that has done this. This could be called just leaving out friends, or even bullying, but what you don’t notice is that most of this behavior starts with drama. 

Drama is a rumor, gossip, or lying involving two or more people causing hurt,  bullying, or depression. So why does it happen? It could be because of a disagreement, or because something silly like not liking a post on the internet. That is ridiculous so how do you stay out of it? 

There are many ways to stay out of drama, but I have found the best way is to stay out of big friend groups. When you are in big friend groups, many people could turn on each other, and many people could turn on you. Staying away from big groups is one way, but another is to stay out of group chats on the internet. So many kids now have the internet. They post different things and talk to many different people, so if something happens on the internet it will always be there, so others can see it. 

Drama can affect you, your mood, and your friends if it goes too far. Even if it means finding new friends, avoid drama. From a girl with her own experiences I can say drama will tire you out. Stay away from drama with these tips and stay golden!

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