By: Bailey M.

Heyloo readers, It’s Bailey and I’m back again. 

This is basically for those who’re interested in anime and or manga because I’ve created a tier list of them. All of the shows/books featured, I’ve watched or read at some point of time and this is only MY opinion. Maybe you feel differently but that's okay, to each their own. 

I’ve included a picture of every anime/manga on the list but I will specify the title and which row they’re on for your convenience.

I hope you enjoy! ^w^ 

A must have (Yellow)

Manga: Love Com, Sand Chronicles, Spirited Away, My High School Debut, Idol Dreams, Strobe Edge, Blue Flag 

Anime & Manga: Toradora, Haikyu, SpyXFamily, Maid Sama, My Hero Academia, Attack On Titan

Ok, fine (Green)

Manga: Goodnight PunPun, Dawn of the Arcana, Ao Haru Ride 

Anime & Manga: A Promised Neverland, Sailor Moon, Assasination Classroom, One Punch Man, Kiss Him Not Me

No (Red)

Manga: Fullmetal Alchemist, 

Anime & Manga: Fruits Basket, Skip Beat, Nana, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, Seven Deadly Sins, Demon Slayer, Dragon Ball Z, One Piece 

Why does this even exist? (Blue)

Anime: Arcane

Anime & Manga: Akira, Pokemon, Inuyasha, Kageguru, Naruto, High School DxD, Angel Beats

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