By: Reema S.

The fae, also known as fairies, are enchanting and romantical beings. They are also complex entities who are shrouded in mystery.

Overall, there are many unknowns regarding these ethereal earthlings, but knowledge on the fae has been collected for centuries giving us a little glimpse into their magical realm.

What are fairies?

Fairies are magical creatures that have specific powers. All fairies are good natured, some might be a little mischievous and playful but will never cause any harm to other beings with ill intent; this is only true if another being causes harm or disrespect to them.

Where do they live?

Fairies are frequently seen in beautiful green woods. Their homes are usually located near a lake or pond. Fairies may choose to live in the cozy underworld. The fae mainly live in lush forests because they must draw their energy from nature and interacting with other woodland creatures. In addition, wooded thickets provide great hiding areas.

What do they look like?

They are lovely to anybody that crosses their way. Elongated, graceful bodies with long, flowing hair, their eyes are continuously glistening. Their size ranges from the height of a typical person to 3 inches. Aside from that, fairies, like humans, are vastly distinct from one another.

What do fairies do?

They sometimes kidnap children and replace them with changelings, which are child substitutes. This can occur for vengeance, if the fae require a servant, or if they desire the love of a human kid. They can also transport individuals to their houses (fairyland). People who eat or drink in a fairyland are unable to return to the real world. Many fae have invisibility and telekinesis abilities. Many fairies have vast magical knowledge and can cast a wide range of spells. Some of these include helping souls fall in love, nourishing plants in the earth, or giving happiness or hope to lost individuals.

How to appease and attract fairies

Shiny and glittering things, as well as crystals such as quartz and amethyst, are essential. Having a spring or other supply of water near your house, combined with altars or shrines to nature, is a fantastic way to attract fairies. Be cautious of the goods you leave out since certain articles might be considered offensive to fairies, and if this is the case, the fae will not hesitate to hurt you.

I hope this little encyclopedia-esque entry provided you with more knowledge about the mind boggling world of fairies!

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