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Are you having trouble finding artifact sets for your characters? Look no further! This is an article on how you can build your Genshin Impact characters! For instance, you can build most of your characters with weapon buffs, artifacts, and recommended character choices!

Best Artifacts on Rankings

There are clearly difficulty percentages on each description on how much power something has. That information is very critical when you need to figure out what your character needs the most. Pst! Hey, over here! I’m going to tell you what the best artifact is. Don’t tell anyone, it’s the gladiator’s finale set. According to, the gladiator’s finale is a great artifact for DPS (damage per second). However, maybe you might need a helping hand instead. For the best healing artifact, the ocean hued clam is the way to go. According to, having the two piece set will give you a 15% healing bonus! Just imagine that! Aside from the astonishing bonus, these two artifact sets will put you to the very top.

Characters You Need to Get!

As you can see, there are a lot of characters and Genshin Impact That you can choose from to succeed. For example if you want a character that can defeat hilichurls and one hit, using Eula, Hu-Tao, or Heizou would be the best option. On the other hand, you could be looking for a character that heals very well. Using Qiqi, Sangonomiya Kokomi, Jean, or Sayu, you can have Your team healed and ready to go! Also, stop using your food! One final thing, using elemental reactions can also double or even triple damage and healing. The best one so far is vaporize! According to, “This is the number one strongest reaction in Genshin Impact on our list. Nearly identical in both setup and function as Melt, we have to rate Vaporize higher solely because it’s easier to maintain Hydro status on enemies to set up another Vaporize reaction.” Therefore, vaporize, using pyro and hydro together is a great choice.


To summarize, there are many things that you can use to your advantage to build your Genshin characters. For example, you can use talents, and even weapon buffs! These are one of the simplest enhancers. So operating them shouldn’t be a problem! Therefore, building your Genshin characters can be very simple if you use the right elements and even weapons.

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