By: Maya S.

So… puberty… it’s… fun. Really… fun. 

Well to make the experience better for you this article will give some tips and tricks to go through puberty!


1. Sweat/deodorant 

You know puberty is hitting when you start to stink. It’s so unfortunate. Poor unfortunate souls…Music notes outline But, you don’t have to ask Ursula for help. To prevent the stench from reaching others’ noses, you could use deodorant or antiperspirant. I like deodorants that don’t contain aluminum. Just remember deodorant does not replace a shower!  Perfume is also another short-term option. But, You. Still. Need. Deodorant. 

2. Get the right bra size!!!

Please, please, please get the right bra size, it will make all the difference! It will make wearing it less uncomfortable and also help your posture. According to “” wearing the right bra size also improves your outfit and makes it easier to be active. Remember that your bra size will change as you grow, so keep up with it!

3. Periods

Periods. For periods there are many different ways to catch it. I will explain a few that have worked for me or that I know works for others. 

A. Pads

A pad is somewhat like a panty liner except for the fact that it has one to two sets of wings to keep it in place and prevent your period from staining your pants. You might wonder though, “Maya, how many times a day do you change it?” or “Does it feel like wearing a diaper?” Well, have no fear for Maya is here! You will want to change it about every two to four hours during the day. At night you might have to wake up and change it, but it all depends on how heavy your flow is. And the second question--yes, yes it does feel like a diaper, but you get used to it. And there are some that are pretty thin, so try until you find one you like!

B. Tampons 

A tampon is absorbent, kind of like a pad, but is a cotton plug you will put “up there” (i.e. you insert it into your vaginal canal). I recommend that you ask a trusted parent or sibling on how to use it. I know a lot of people who don’t like tampons, and it’s totally fine. I learned how to put one in on a beach trip! It was so stressful to learn the first time. Tampons aren’t for everyone. You would need to change it as often as you change a pad, but don’t wear one past 8 hours because that could lead to a yeast infection or Toxic Shock Syndrome.

C. Menstrual cups

I have never used a menstrual cup before, so I don’t know as much about it. I do know, according to, that you can leave it in for up to 8 hours before needing to empty it. Now you might ask, “Maya, can I wear a menstrual cup more than once?” The answer is yes. It is reusable. You just have to clean it and sanitize it regularly.

4. Acne/pimples

Dealing with pimples is tough. Same with acne. To prevent this from happening as much as you can, make sure to wash your face daily with a facial cleanser and water. Be sure to get the right cleanser for your skin type. I like to use cleansers that are free of paraben, phthalates and sulfates. 

5. Body hair

Your body hair will start to grow everywhere! You can choose to shave it or keep it. I choose to shave it, but it is your choice. I use a razor and shaving cream. The hardest part about shaving though is the arm pits. Places that are sensitive and not flat are hard to shave! 

Thanks for reading! Hope this helps you! Byeee!!!!!!

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