By: Kailey G.

We all have our favorite cookies, right? The one cookie you just have to get everytime cookie season comes around. Well what does that cookie say about you?


A classic cookie. You scream elegance and grace. You are trustworthy and will always be by your friends' sides. You always look on the bright side and you give the best advice like a mother figure.


You are a sweet and salty type of person. You're kind, sweet, and absolutely the life of the party, but when someone gets on your bad side you can become a whole different person. 

Thin Mints:

You're a light, but determined person. You never try to be popular, but since you're so kind it is quite easy. Many people look up to you. You are confident and one of the smartest in the batch. 


You are a compassionate, understanding, and reliable friend. You have a great attitude on even the worst of things, and you always can make someone happy during hard times. You can comfort someone the best. 


You are sweet with a crunch of loyalty and a small drizzle of wildness. You are always there for people you know, and for people you don’t. You have a killer smile and you are genuinely liked by everyone. 

Does your favorite cookie make you think of yourself? Does it make you think of any of your friends? If so, in what ways! Hope you have a good day!

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