By: Reema S.

ARE YOU GIRL SCOUTS PREPPED FOR COOKIE SEASON?!? If you aren't, here is the inside scoop on how to be a successful cookie seller from some of the most seasoned cookie connoisseurs of the Lime Green Giraffe.

Tips for an elevator pitch: Jessica L.

“-Be brief 

-Be direct 

-Include your plan for the profits (ex. Profits go to charity, camping, …..etc)”

Favorite cookie?: 

Jaclyn M: “I like them all! If I had to pick one though, Do-Si-Dos!”

Reema S: “That chocolate-coconut flavor cannot be beat, Samoas for sure!”

What is the most effective way to sell cookies?: Riley

“The most effective way to sell cookies is to create door hangers, cookie booths, and websites. The door hangers should have QR codes to your website, and people can keep the hanger if they want to order more cookies. At booths, making posters works.”

What's the best way to spend cookie dough (money)?: Kaleigh

“The best way to spend cookie dough is on cool gear and fun activities.”

What cookie flavor should you stock up on?: Kyndra J.

“The flavor cookie you should stock up on would be sugar cookies. A lot of people like them and people are usually not allergic. They are baked on a lot of different holidays and are very enjoyable and soft.”

Best time to sell Girl Scout cookies?: Wren 

The best time to sell Girl Scout cookies is when you can, don’t be afraid to ask if they want some because there aren’t any oppurtunities. 

What is the best way to sell cookies as an older girl?: Laila J. 

“The best way to sell as an older girl is through the use of social media to gain buyers. As I’ve gotten older, social media has become more of a marketing tool to sell Girl Scout cookies, so essentially through the use of it, it has been the best way to sell Girl Scout cookies as an older girl.”

Persuasive phrases to get buyers attention: Cameryn P.

“-Want to help change a group of girls' futures?

-Suffering from anxiety? We can’t help, but I’m sure these cookies can.

-One bite of a cookie from you can help give hundreds of bites to children around the world. (for charity)”

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