By: Emily S.

Hi! Professional DIY (Do It Yourself) handy-girl Emily here! Today, I’ll be showing you how to turn your bedroom into the cool effect of sleeping inside a disco ball! It is an easy and cheap way to tip the scales of the coolness factor, and is easy to remove when you want to change your theme.
This disco ball bedroom is a fail-safe method that allows you to literally bask in your friends’ radiance. No really, all the colorful lights you and your friends really will bask in some radiance. Plus, with the lights out, some hot tunes, and all the disco ball lights everywhere, it is the perfect recipe to a five-star party. Whether it be sleepover, birthday, or just hang-out time, this is truly something to behold.
To start this project, you need lots of CDs (depending on the size of your room) that you do not use or need anymore. Remember to check with your parents and/or siblings about the CDs you pick. Find some glue, preferably hot glue, and paper (any color of your choice.) A strobe light is recommended, but tape is required, as well as scissors.
First, you take your scissors and cut out a sheet of paper slightly bigger than the CD. *Next, using the hot glue, glue the CD to the paper. Make sure to wait at least 10-15 minutes for the glue to dry. Lastly, using the tape, tape the paper with the CD to the wall.  When you have decorated all of the wall space you want, attach a strobe light in one of the corners of your room. Make sure it is within reach. Hook up your iPod and prepare to get funky!!
*Note: Always ask for parent permission before you start a big craft project. Girls aged 8-12 need adult supervision with the hot glue gun.

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