By: Lily M.
Organizing your school supplies is essential for academic success but school supplies don’t have to be boring. They can be stylish and personal too! You can make your supplies original and cool with your own flair. This can also be extremely helpful especially for people like me who are always misplacing papers, pencils, and assignments.
First, let’s start with a notebook. You can use any color, brand, or size of notebook for this project. Grab plenty of colorful paper or scrapbook paper and your amazing imagination. Cut out from the colorful paper all different sizes of squares or designs. Next, glue the squares to the cover (I use tacky glue). You can add stickers, ribbons, glitter, etc. on your cover. Now you have a fabulous notebook for school.  Since your notebook is now as individual as you are, you are more likely to enjoy using and keeping up with it!
Clipboards are so much fun to decorate and really useful for school or for your to-do list. This little project is so easy and cheap you will want to make more!  Maybe you could make a few for back to school gifts for your teachers or friends. All you need is a plain clipboard, paper, and once again, your imagination. First, pick your paper or papers. Next, decoupage the paper or papers in layers on the front, back or both! Finally, you can add stickers, glitter, ribbons, and other decorations!
You can also decorate a piece of paper cut to fit a three-ring binder and slip it in the clear front pocket.  Why not, attach a ribbon to your pencil to keep it with your clipboard or binder or use decorative tape to attach an artificial flower to the end so it doesn’t get misplaced.
Spend some time planning how you organize your school supplies and then get busy decorating and personalizing.  Remember to get a parent’s permission or their help if needed! I hope you have been inspired to decorate your school supplies!

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