By: Jade F.

Take this quiz test your texting know how. :) Remember, this is just for fun.

For the following two questions chose your answer then see below to find out if you are correct.

1) What does ttyl mean?
A) talk to you later
B) tacos tame your little brother
C) tonight tammy yells loudly

2) What does lol mean?
A) lots of love
B) laugh out loud
C) live out life

If you answered A  for question one and B for question two, give yourself 5 points. For all other answers give yourself 0 points. Keep track of your score for the next two questions.

3) How much do you text?
Practically 24/7 [5 pts]
Quite a lot but not all the time [4 pts]
Only when needed [2 pts]
Texting? I have way better things to do! [1 pt]

4) What style of phone do you use for texting? 
The kind that slides out to have a keyboard [5 pts]
A touch screen [4 pts]
A flip phone [2 pts]
So, What’s your score? How well can you text?

20-19 very well
18- 16 pretty good
15- 13 ok
12-10 fairly
under 9 not so well

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