By: Mary M.
Do you like funny hairstyles? Do you have ‘funny hair’ days at your school, church group or Girl Scouts? Well, here’s a few funny ways that you can style your hair. So, grab your hair brush, hairspray and silly bands (yes, that’s right… don’t throw those silly bands away yet!) and let’s get started.
“Who Hair”: You might have heard of Cindy Lou Who from “How the Grinch stole Christmas.” She had two large braids, pulled up high in the center of her head, wrapped around an even higher ‘bottle hair’ (see below) and then tied it at the top with a big red bow. An easier way you can make funny “Who Hair” is to take 4-5 different groups of your hair, and put each in a hair band. Then twirl a pipe cleaner (very tightly) around and down the length of each section of hair. Finally, pull all the sections you just created together on the top of your head and put a hair band in the middle to make them all stay together. (They should be standing upright and all floppy out the top.) Then you can add some curling ribbon wherever you want for a fun, festive look. Optional:  Some colored hair spray can be added to make the “Who Hair” extra crazy.
“Bottle Hair": This is a funny way to make your hair stand straight up on top of your head.  You will need an empty plastic water bottle.  Place the water bottle in the middle of your head, turn your head upside down and let your hair fall all around the bottle – then tie with a hair tie at the top of the bottle and tip your head back upright.  There you will see it!  Your hair standing straight up on your head and you will amaze your friends and family.  Some will ask– “How did you do that?” But only you know the secret! (Note:  For shorter hair, use a small plastic cup.)

     “Silly Band Braids”:
 Do you have tons of Silly bands – remember when 

they were a really big obsession and everyone had them

 running up and down their arms? They were even banned in some schools because they were a distraction in class.  Well, what do you do with all those silly bands now … now that they are no longer popular?  Thinking about throwing them away?  Well, don’t! Instead, put them in your hair!  You can put those silly bands in your hair with braids.  Depending on how many silly bands you have, you can have one large braid or several little braids.  As you braid your hair, you would slip a silly band onto your hair and continue braiding.   You would repeat this process as many times as you want. Basically, you are placing them in your hair loosely at different places, allowing them to lie on your hair as you braid it down to the ends.  Have fun with your friends trying to guess what the shapes are in your hair.  You can put them in your hair using themes, or colors, or just a variety.  See how many silly bands you can have in your hair at one time.  Be creative!

     Have tons of fun creating your hairstyles!

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