By: Hayley P.

GSGATL girls pose with Shana Corey’s book.
When I interviewed Shana Corey about her new book “Here Come the Girl Scouts” we talked about how she became interested in Girl Scouts. Her mother was a Girl Scout and so was she. She grew up around Girl Scouts so she knew a lot of things on Girl Scouts already. We also talked her plans to write another book for older girls. Shana loves Girl Scouts and she was easy to talk to. I know everybody will love her book “Here Come the Girl Scouts.”
When I interviewed author Shana Corey, I have to confess I was really nervous. I’m not that good at talking to new people so you can understand why I was nervous.
Her book “Here Come the Girl Scouts” was fantastic! Shana was so nice to me and she’s just a nice person in general. I had fun and was happy with how I got over my fear of meeting new people. Shana Corey is an amazing person and down to earth. I had a great time and she did too.
Lime Green Giraffe adult volunteer Marnye H. meets Shana Corey in Washington DC on June 10th, 2012.

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