By: Savannah F.

         Have you ever wondered if you’re missing something when you’re packing for the beach? Well I’m going to help you because I’ve always wanted a proper packing list. We all know that you can forget things all the time. I can’t think of a time when I didn’t forget something.
         First I’d like to go over the needs. You should never forget your bathing suit; I mean that’s the most important thing! You also need to bring your towel or what would you dry off with? Unless, of course, you like air drying but who would have the time? I’m usually at the beach or in the pool all the time. Flip-flops are another very important thing. That way you can slip them on and off, but make sure you wouldn’t mind getting them sandy or wet.
You should make sure you’re always hydrated because you’re going to be in the heat all day. This means drink lots of water. One more very important thing is sunscreen. You can never go without it because the last thing you would want is to be peeling like a banana.
         Now is the optional stuff. Sunglasses would be my recommendation. You might even bring a toy like a Frisbee, beach ball, etc. Cover ups or hats would be good maybe if you’re going somewhere right after the beach.
         If you like to tan then you could bring tanning lotion. Bringing a magazine/book or listening to music could keep you from getting bored while tanning. I know I would be miserable without my music.Of course you probably should have a chair or something to put down on the sand so when you lay down you won’t get sand all over you.
Of all the things I have named, who wants to carry it all down to the beach? You could bring a beach bag that would hold all of the things from this list. I hope you find this packing list helpful on your next beach adventure!  

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