By: Jessica C.
            The number of girls who are Girl Scouts in elementary school drops significantly by the time the girls reach high school.
            Many girls get teased for being in Girl Scouts and others get questioning looks as if the only appropriate age for Girl Scouts is the cute young face of a Brownie portrayed in Girl Scout cookie ads.
            Most Senior and Ambassador Girl Scouts believe that high school is one of the best times to be a Girl Scout. High school Girl Scout, Mamie, says, “If you stick with Girl Scouts, over the years the opportunities just keep opening up. Programs like Destinations, awards like the Silver and Gold Awards, and volunteer events like leading day camps and younger girls make you more and more confident and connected with the world around you.”
            Cookie sales also increase with the age and level of the Girl Scout. Girls start to sell hundreds and even thousands, of Girl Scout cookies by the time they are Senior Girl Scouts. The higher-level incentives are also aimed towards teenage girls. They involve iPods, laptops, TVs, Wiis, and other electronics.
            The destinations program is also for older Girl Scouts who are in either middle or high school. It gives girls the opportunity to travel nationally or internationally with other Girl Scouts in the USA.
            The highest service award Girl Scouts has to offer is specifically for girls in high school. It’s the Gold Award, an 80 hour service project that girls plan and lead.
            Most high schools require volunteer hours and that’s something most Girl Scouts don’t need to worry about. The volunteer opportunities are endless: working at Girl Scout camp, hosting princess tea parties for Daisies, making meals in homeless shelters, or just volunteering at a local fair.
            Girl Scouts has amazing activities for everyone and it’s a wonder why anyone would want to quit. Girl Scouts even has created a lifetime membership certificate, available for any women over the age of 18 to purchase and remain a Girl Scout for life.

            Senior Girl Scout Kendal sums up the older Girl Scout experience perfectly, “You prepare to change the world.”

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