By: Becky F.
This year, Troop 2466 hosted the annual Father-Daughter dance. About 200 girl scouts of all ages and their fathers attended this night out in Hollywood. This was the troop's first big even they planned, and wanted to share some tips on how to make your own event a success.
So here is some advice from Troop 2466 on Event Planning.

Number One: Plan Ahead
         To make your event a success, plan in advance. Two weeks is not enough time to plan something for almost 200 people. 
A good way to help you organize your deadlines, is to work from the deadline of the event, backwards. Go month by month, or week by week to determine what you need done, by when, and from who.

Number Two: Budget
         Budgeting is extremely important when planning just about anything. First, you need a realistic budget for the entire event. Try to buy certain things in bulk, or get a deal on it so you don't go over budget. Moms are often the best place to ask for advice.
         Be careful when ordering online. You may find just what you want at the perfect price, but the company may be located in Australia.

Number Three: Set-up
         Setting-up for your event requires a boat-load of teamwork from everyone. It's important to make sure that everyone has the amount of help that they need. That way, there isn't one group that's running around trying to finish on time, while another group has “too many cooks,” as they say.

Number Four: Decorations
         No matter how many people you have, whether it's 30 or 200, you need to have a space that's large enough to fit everyone. This can provide for some issues when dealing with a large amount of people.
         Remember, just because the area is big, doesn't mean it needs to be fully decorated. It just needs enough decorations to still show the theme of the event.

Number Five: Food
         Most events will have some sort of food item. This tip doesn't necessary deal with events that only have some snacks, as it is more for the events that have some sort of meal involved.
         The key to serving a large group of people is to not allow everyone to go at once. At the dance, the dining area available had a capacity of 60 people, and when food was announced, everyone tried to go at once. When this situation is a possibility, only allow a certain number of people in at a time. One suggestion is to have numbered tickets, and only allow certain numbers in at one time.

Number Six: Communication
         Communication is essential at an event. Without proper communication between groups, it is next to impossible to know when another person or group requires the help or guidance from another person or group.
         This is crucial to an event's success, especially while setting-up.

Number Seven: Audience
         Gear whatever your event activities will be towards who your guests are.
If you have an event for a large group of construction workers, it is safe to say that tea parties or finger painting are not the appropriate activities to have at this event. Similarly, crafts involving glitter are not the best choice for events dealing with groups of children under 10.

Number Eight: Have Fun
         The most important thing you need to remember when planning an event, big or small, is to have fun! If the hosts are having fun and enjoying themselves, then it encourages everyone else to join in on the fun and have a good time at the event.

Now that you know these all-important tips to planning your own event, the girls of Troop 2466 give you the seal of approval to go out and begin working on your next event!

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