By: Kayla T.
Standardized tests take up the majority of the first part of the school year and become an even larger focus in the second semester. These tests can be very stressful and force kids to become irritable and nervous as they try and prepare for the exams. Tests in general make people anxious but standardized tests are somehow worse. However,
Follow, the simple steps below contain good advice to stay calm for any test needed, from the ITBS to the CRCT and even to the SAT. These tips, in my opinion, are very helpful.

1.   Study beforehand but do it on a well-rounded schedule
2.   DO NOT study the night before, reading over some information is fine but studying only creates stress right before a test.

3.   Form a study group with your friends to review information, just make sure to study and not just play around.

4.   Get a good’s night sleep before the test.

5.   Eat a healthy breakfast the morning of  the exam and a good dinner the night before.

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