By: Sabrina Y.
Many girls walk into a store and go straight to the jewelry/accessory section. The spectacular necklaces and bracelets that are encrusted with gems or gold catch their eyes. They enchant people, but are extremely expensive. Girls love to have unique and beautiful jewelry, however, they want the jewelry or accessories for a reasonable price. Instead of buying insanely expensive items to look beautiful, girls should look to purchase inexpensive, unique, recycled items that can make them look like a million bucks. 

         Unique jewelry is a glorious thing that girls just have to have! You can find some standard unique jewelry in almost any store.  Some examples of jewelry you will find just about anywhere includes: tie- dye bracelets with a magnet attached to them so that you can connect a decorated bottle cap to it, a bracelet strung with polished rock, and necklaces made of magnetic beads. However, some girls want even crazier, unique jewelry that is harder to find and not many stores carry them, so they visit antique shops, arts and craft stores, or festivals, or even thrift shops. Here people can find soda tabs strung together by ribbon to form a bracelet, earrings and bracelets made of recycled telephone wires, and bracelets made out of nylon.  These items are less expensive, and much more fashionable.
          With all that bling some girls may desire more unique items other than jewelry such as accessories. Strange and unique accessories can be found at few stores, but they are not as common as the jewelry. These accessories are usually found in antique stores, specialty shops, festivals, or online sold by individuals. Some of the unique accessories you can find include: a headband made out of candy wrappers, (dum dum pop wrappers, starburst wrappers, air head wrappers, tootsie pop wrappers, etc…) a hand purse made out of recycled juice boxes, a phone holder made of recycled barcodes, a purse made of buttons, a purse made of caprisuns, a purse made of plastic bags crocheted together, and a bag made of seatbelts. These are stylish, inexpensive items that girls may be interested in wearing.
          An excellent point about these unique items is that some people make and sell them to raise money for a charity. If people buy unique items that can benefit a charity, then the people would feel good about themselves. That way it is beneficial to all. Another extraordinary thing about these items is that they are made out of recycled material. These items are made of recycled material because it’s not a typical thing to make jewelry and accessories out of this strange recyclable stuff. Girls that are Girl Scouts and have taken the pledge to Go Green should be extremely proud to wear an item to help a charity and help Mother Nature stay clean. You can also learn how to make these items yourself, and sell them too.
          Next time people walk into a store they should consider looking for some of these items. Girls might be surprised with what they find. Now you can find chic accessories/jewelry for a low price! Enjoy your shopping! 

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