Three members of the 2012 Lime Green Giraffe staff participated in this Summer’s Camp CEO. Here are along with guest blogger and fellow Camp CEO participant Rose L., they share some of their memories from this unique experience.

Guest Blogger, Rose L.
       Camp CEO was an inspiration for so many reasons!  We got to meet some amazing women CEOs.  We participated in informative classes like self-defense, where we learned to protect ourselves, and team building, where we learned to listen to each other and to give clear and concise directions.
            During another activity, we got to ask questions to a panel of CEOs, and we were able to learn from their experiences.  
           One of my favorite activities were the Dream Your Future classes; some of the topics we covered included social media issues and conversation stacking.
           I would recommend the camp to any girl eligible, and I would definitely go again!

LGG Staff member & 2012 Art Director, Jordan F. 
Camp CEO was a great experience. It was full of learning and teambuilding.
My favorite part was the career fair. The CEOs split up into groups and we were able to meet them all. We learned about their different businesses and what they did to get to where they are today. Then we exchanged business cards. They had their own and we had created our own too. It was so much fun!

LGG Staff member, Mykela C.

              My camp CEO experience was awesome! Not only did I meet businesswomen from all over metro Atlanta, but I met amazing Girl Scouts as well. During our weekend we had team building exercises with our paired CEO. This gave us the opportunity to interact with them and get to know each other. We had other various activities that were fun, but taught us important life lessons. Overall, I feel like this was a great experience to meet women who lead top companies and who gave us great advice for our future careers. 

LGG Staff member & 2012 Copy Editor, Pooja D. 

            This summer, a total of 30 girls began a three-day adventure at Camp Timber Ridge from May 30th to June 12th.  We were there for a special and exciting camp called Camp CEO.  This is a special camp where each of the thirty girls pair up with a CEO or Vice President of businesses.  We spent the first day getting to know the other girls.  I had eight amazing, funny people in my cabin and I miss them so much.    

On the second day, we took a test that told us what jobs we would probably enjoy the most based on our interests. We also took a self-defense class. It was so much fun and very informative.  After the class we went back to our cabins and prepared to meet out CEOs. The CEOs came during dinner to meet us, however, there was a catch.  They had to guess who their camper was based on what they knew about us from our essays.
This is how I met my CEO, Wendy Johnson. Mrs. Johnson is president of the Dale Carnegie Company in Georgia.  Dale Carnegie is a wonderful course that helps you to learn how to speak with confidence and become open to doing new things.  My partner, Mary Elizabeth’s, CEO was Miss Becky.  We had a fun dinner and learned more about each other.  Right after dinner we had an activity session. The sixty of us were split into four or five groups and we each had to think about what would happen in 50-100 years with a certain topic.  My group had the problem of the media.  We said that in 50-100 years the media will be everywhere and nothing will be a secret anymore. After this activity we went back to our cabins and went to sleep.  Well, actually, we talked until early in the morning, and then went to sleep.  
The next day, a couple girls and their CEO’s participated in a flag ceremony so that the CEOs could be one step closer to getting their badges.  The CEOs had the opportunity to get three badges. To get them the CEO had to participate in a flag ceremony, make a rap and perform it, draw a picture, and a couple more things. Anyway, after lunch we had a team building session which was so much fun.  We were outside in groups and some students from a college came and did three activities with us.  I had the most fun when we did the human knot with ropes.  Our college leaders told us to make a human knot for the other team, so of course, doing what is logical; we made it as hard as could possibly be.  Half way through I commented, “Watch us have to undo this ourselves.” and do you know what we ended up doing?  We had to untangle the ropes ourselves.  This taught us a lesson to not make things harder for other people even if it is a joke.  
We also had a career fair that day.  This was a time where we could go around and talk to all the CEOs and learn about what they did for a living.  It was very informative and helped me gain an idea about what I want to do later in life.  
That night, we had a campfire.  We started off singing campfire songs and eating s’mores.  Then as the fire was dying down, we expressed our thanks to the CEOs for coming and helping us out and then, we went back to our cabins for the last time.  We wrote letters to our CEO and our partner’s CEO.  
The next morning, we packed up and went to the Dining Hall.  We then started preparing for the closing ceremony.  Some of us decorated tables and others were made desserts with a famous chef.  Earlier than we would have liked, the closing ceremony began. We each presented our CEO with her badges and expressed our thanks one last time. 
After the closing ceremony ended our parents got a chance to talk with our CEO.  
We went home happy with all the friends we made and a bit upset that we were leaving so soon.  It was an amazing experience and one I will never forget. 

A few participants at the 2012 Camp CEO pose for a photograph. 

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