By: Jessica C.

On Sunday, September 9th, 2012, Girl Scouts of Greater Atlanta hosted the expo, “Eat, Play, Girl Scout” at the Gwinnett Environmental and Heritage Center. The event was designed to teach girls of all ages about healthy eating and living. 
Chef Lizzie Marie
   The keynote speaker was 12 year-old chef, Lizzie Marie. Lizzie started her healthy cuisine business at age six, in order to pay for horseback riding lessons herself. The cuisine was a hit and with the help of her parents, she created a website to promote what she was doing,
Lizzie Marie is now taking online home school classes so that she can balance her business and schoolwork. Lizzie gives credit to the Girl Scouts for teaching her the skills needed to start her own business. She is now a Juliette Girl Scout. Lime Green Giraffe asked Lizzie how it felt selling her first item and becoming a real business. The answer? It was exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time. When she signed her contract with her manager at age 10, that’s when it felt like a real business. Lizzie Marie now has a web show on WebMD’s FIT, “Healthy Cooking with Chef Lizzie”, which she films in her own kitchen.
            One of the activities being offered at the event for older Girl Scouts was the Strong4Life Specialty Program Aid Training. This had representatives from the Atlanta Children’s Hospital whose job it was to keep kids out of the hospital! They provided lots of information about how to stay healthy, such as make every meal have at least half fruits and veggies. They also provided some scarier health information. They said that Georgia is the number two most obese state in the United States and one bottle of soda is equivalent to eating 18 cookies. Strong4Life also held a pep rally at the end of the expo, where girls could compete in a hula-hoop contest and win prizes.
            There were many vendors at Eat, Play, Girl Scout, including Kaiser Permanente on how beauty is portrayed in the media, EPA handing out asthma info packets, Revved Up Kids self-defense classes, Clinique on how to keep healthy looking skin, and many more.
            The expo was well organized, fun for girls of all ages, and definitely got the point across of how to live a healthy life! Lime Green Giraffe asked girls and moms their opinions on the event: “Strong4Life P.A. training was my favorite part”, said Girl Scout Callie.
“I liked hearing about Lizzie Marie Cuisine- it was inspirational”, reported Girl Scout Marianne.
“With 1,500 people for five hours, they needed to be more prepared with food”, input from a mom standing in line for the Girl Scout fall nut and candy products.
“I liked learning about preventing obesity and the Clinique demonstration!”, said Girl Scout Noelle. 

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